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The company is equipped with the following technology:


Manual and robotised bending machines up to 4m long and max. 70 tons, with bending angle check

Flat-sheet Laser Cutting

Laser up to 6,000W for high-speed cutting (working area 1,500×3,000 max. thick. 25 mm)


Punching machines up to 25 tons (working area 1,500×3,000 max. thickness 8 mm)


Manual and robotised MIG-MAG welding plants (working area 4,000×1,250×1,250 with max. 1,000 kg capacity) Manual and robotised TIG welding plants (working area 1,600×1,000×1,000 with max. 250 kg capacity) – YAG welding

Pipe Laser Cutting

3,600W laser for cutting pipes with maximum 250 mm diameter and 8 mm thickness (max. bar length 6 m, max. weight of the piece 25 kg/m)


Pipe-bending machines up to D=80 mm, max. thickness 3 mm

Swarf Removal

Automated machining centre with jig and tool storage compartments (working area 800x800x800 or 1,600x700x400)